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    Scholarships are awarded to students of African heritage who are presently enrolled in degree-granting programs that lead to licensing as registered nurses and other professional credentials. Awards are for tuition, books and related academic expenditures. The criteria includes financial need, academic grade point and lived experiences. Scholarship awards are presented on an annual basis.

Here are the 2015 Scholarship Recipients

Amal A. Yusuf

Amal is a mother of four children and is pursuing a BS degree in Nursing at Seattle University. She migrated from Somalia with her grandmother and uncle leaving her parents and ten siblings in Somalia. She is involved in the Somali community health organizations and is a member of the Somali Health Board of King County. Her motivation to become a nurse came after her mother's near death experience in child birth. GPA 3.58
  Hassan Elmi

Hassan is the father of four children. He is an immigrant, a former taxi driver and is the first in his family to attend college. He is pursuing a BSN degree from Seattle University. He is on the Dean's list and will graduate in August 2015. He believes his education will also provide hiim the ability to help other East African immigrants with their language skills since he speaks several languages. GPA 3.64
  Lavar Robinson

Lavar is again at Bellevue College pursuing a BS degree in nursing after a few years ago receiving a ADN degree there. Her goal is to attain a Masters degree. She believes nursing provides her the ability to promote healthy living for her family and others. Lavar is actively involved in her community. She coaches her daughter's basketball team and is a volunteer driver for the Good Neighbor Association. GPA 3.6
Destiny Delgadillo Soda Fall Elena Smith

Destiny is pursuing a MSN degree in nursing at Pacific Lutheran University. She grew up in a large multiethnic family that instilled a sense of community, responsibility and giving back. She is involved in a number of community outreach programs. Her interest in nursing came after observing the care provided by the nurse during her sister's nurse during her child birth experience. GPA 3.82
Soda, migrated in 2000 from the Republic of Senegal. As the eldest child, she dropped out of medical school to help her family financially after her father died. She is enrolled at Seattle University in the BSN program. Her desire to become a nurse and help the underprivileged was influenced by the lack of health care for women and children in Senegal. GPA 3.43
Elena, a Rainier Scholar, which is a long term college preparatory program for students of color in the Seattle metro area. She is pursuing a BSN at Seattle University and is involved in cross-country running. She is described as highly motivated with a commitment to excellence. Her desire to be a nurse came after her aunt had a severe stroke and she observed the excellent nursing care she received during her hospitalization. GPA 3.58
Patricia Awah   Naomi Belayneh   Ebony Beauchamp  

Patricia is from Ghana. While there, as a teenager, she visited family members in the hospital while they gave birth and was astonished to see so few nurses. This motivated her to become a nurse. She is pursuing a BSN at Seattle University after working very hard for 11 years to achieve this goal. She previously attended Edmonds Community College. She is also a Sunday School Teacher. GPA 3.90
Naomi is a first generation Ethiopian-American who is enrolled in the University of Washington's Doctor of Nursing Practice program. She is a certified Geriatric Nurse Practitioner. Her passion is serving the vulnerable and underserved populations. She recognizes the prevelance of chronic diseases that go untreated among people of African descent and states that by advancing her clinical knowledge, she will be equipped to help minimize health disparities. GPA 3.7
Ebony is currently enrolled in the nursing program at Shoreline Community College. The path to becoming a nurse is her dream that began during her adolescent years. She developed a curiosity regarding many issues related to becoming a healthcare provider and now is very sure nursing is the right path for her. She is presently an active participant in our MMPNO membership program. GPA 3.45
Hoda Abdiraham   Adrianna Griffin      

Hoda is the mother of two children, working two jobs and is full time student at Seattle University in the BSN program. She is one of six children who fled a raging civil war with her parents at age 5. As refugees in Kenya, the experience of many consisted of fear, hunger, disease and poverty. After surviving the tragedies of war with people suffering with Polio, Malaria, infectious diseases and death from childbirth, she believes it has molded her into a caring, empathetic and compassionate woman. Her life's choice of nursing is a way to pay back through service to others. GPA 3.1
Adrianna is from a small town in Alaska with a 1% African American population but said she has been inspired by strong Black women all her life. Her Mother taught her the value of independence and determination. She is a junior in the BSN program at Seattle University. She is involved in many activities. Her jobs on campus are: Assistant Director of Admissions, Campus Visit Coordinator and a Teaching Assistant. GPA 3.46

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