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    Scholarships are awarded to students of African heritage who are presently enrolled in degree-granting programs that lead to licensing as registered nurses and other professional credentials. Awards are for tuition, books and related academic expenditures. The criteria includes financial need, academic grade point and lived experiences. Scholarship awards are presented on an annual basis.

Here are the 2016 Scholarship Recipients

Ashley Nickles   Soda Fall   Seynab Ahmed
Ashley has worked as a medical assistant for the past 10 years and has been interested in providing care since a young age. At age 10, she volunteered at her mother's childcare center. After high school she became a medical assistant with the goal of becoming a nurse. The decision to pursue the goal of becoming a nurse was influenced by her observance of nurses providing care to her family during illnesses and child birth. Ashley has completed one quarter in the RN program at North Seattle College. Her goal is to complete the RN program beginning Spring Quarter. Ashley has been an active participant in MMPNO activities and has maintained a positive relationship with her MMPNO mentor.
GPA 3.08. Awarded $2,500.
  Soda is enrolled in the Seattle University Bachelor of Science Nursing program and is doing very well. Her goal is to become a nurse, who can provide the best care. She wants to be an advocate for patients, who do not have a voice and those who are underserved in communities within the United States and undeveloped countries. Her public health class, this quarter has increased her awareness of healthcare disparities among low income communities and immigrants in our country. With the advice and encouragement of her advisor at Seattle University and her MMPNO mentor; she is confident she will achieve her goals.
GPA 3.69 Awarded $2,500
  Seynab was born in Somalia during a civil war. During those years, there were many neighbors, friends and family who were injured, did not survive and were displaced. This experience has motivated her since coming to the United States in 2001 to acquire an education and become a nurse. She had the experience of being a caregiver for a family friend, who had no one. This experience influenced her decision. Seynab is now the mother of a year old son who provides her much joy. She is back at work and has enrolled in the B.S.N. program at Seattle University. She indicated this journey will not be easy but she is determined to attain her goal and become the first in her family to attend college.
GPA 3.50 Awarded $2,500
Bryn Martin-Williams Hamdi Ibrahim Keinan Mohamud
Bryn's journey has included taking pre-nursing classes, getting an undergraduate degree in Public Health with a minor in Spanish and now she is focusing on her lifelong goal of becoming a nurse. She has completed her first quarter in nursing at Seattle University. Her experiences in the field of Public Health and ability to speak Spanish are skills that she feels will enhance her role as a nurse. Other experiences that will enhance her role in nursing include working in a retirement home, learning skills and working alongside nurses. She says despite the adversity along her journey of becoming a nurse, her commitment to this profession remains steadfast. She will continue to share her story.
GPA 3.02 Awarded $2,500
  Hamdi was raised with strong values and expectations. Her parents encouraged her as a child to help others and this infuenced her desire to become a nurse. She believes the role of a nurse will provide her an opportunity to make a positive impact on people's health and will change lives. Hamdi's sister at age 15 was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, which as been a painful disease.The care her sister received from nurses has also inspired her to pursue her goal to become a nurse. She graduated from South Seattle College in the Winter of 2015 with an Associate Degree of Arts in spite of the challenges of helping her family and doing school work. She now has been accepted in the nursing program at Seattle University.
GPA 3.40 Awarded $2,500
  Keinan was raised in a refugee camp in Dadaab Kenya, Africa. He has faced all kinds of difficulties in life. His family consists of six boys and two girls and his mother being the bread winner of the family. He came to the United States in 2009. In spite of the challenges as a refugee, he sees a lot of positives in his life. He was among the lucky ones to attend high school and graduated. His interest in health care began with his lab experience when he studied the bones and anatomical structures. He attended Renton Technical College in 2010. He is now enrolled in nursing at Seattle University, which he sees as an opportunity to become a person who will influence society and his community. Keinan expressed a concern regarding the outcome of the youths in his community within the public school they are attending. Keinan expressed a desire to support other black males to get a better education in the Seattle Public schools. He plans to use his skills in nursing to help improve the health of underserved communities.
GPA 3.57 Awarded $2,500


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